About The Movie Journal


The Movie Journal is a personal film and entertainment blog by former We Live Entertainment writer, Nicholas Casaletto. The Movie Journal has but one objective, to bring forth original content in the film, television, and entertainment industry that others can read on a daily basis.

The term “Journal” is what I feel is a proper title for the outlet, in the sense that the views, opinions, and criticisms displayed are that of personal experiences. So essentially, if you don’t like the particular voice posting to this site, then it may not be for you. However, I do encourage readers to comment, converse, and share differences of opinions in a respectful manner.

No one should have the same opinion on a particular artistic medium, and that’s the beauty of the movie world, it’s entirely subjective. If you disagree with the views of the site, friendly and open debates and or discussions are welcome.

Thank you for visiting The Movie Journal and we hope you find enjoyment through our content.


-Nick Casaletto


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